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Engineering REVOLEX®
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0 - 430,000 Nm

REVOLEX® KX-D made of cast iron flexible pin & bush coupling

Low-cost pin & bush coupling - standard type

The flexible coupling REVOLEX KX-D made of cast iron is a fail-safe pin & bush coupling.

The REVOLEX KX-D pin & bush coupling made of cast iron is the least expensive type suitable for a circumferential speed up to 35 m/s.

Standard shaft-hub-connections are feather key connections. In combination with the clamping set KTR 650 frictionally engaged connections can also be realised.

The coupling is available from stock in sizes 105 to 330.
Other hub geometries of this pin & bush coupling are preferably made of steel.

  • Torsionally flexible, fail-safe pin & bush coupling
  • maintenance-free
  • Pins radially mountable/dismountable
  • Machined allover, good dynamic properties
  • Hub material cast iron (GJL), surface protection (phosphated)
  • 14 sizes for torques from 9,400 to 430,000 Nm
  • Available from stock in sizes 105 to 330
  • vibration-damping
  • Relatively short shaft distance
  • Compensation of axial, radial and angular displacements
  • DIN 740
  • Complying with ATEX (acc. to EU directive 2014/34/EU)
  • UKEX compliant (according to UKEX Directive SI 2016:1107)
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Safe torque transmission via the REVOLEX pin & bush coupling

REVOLEX® are torsionally flexible, fail-safe pin & bush couplings that are mainly used in applications with high torques and drives subjected to shocks. They are specifically solid, fail-safe, compensate for any kind of shaft displacement while transmitting the torque reliably.
The REVOLEX pin & bush couplings can be plugged in axially and are characterized by short dimensions. These pin & bush couplings are generally equipped with hydraulically dismountable pins which means that special tools are not required for disassembly. The coupling components of the REVOLEX® pin & bush couplings are maintenance-free and allow for a smooth disassembly of elastomer rings along with pins in mounted condition.

REVOLEX® pin & bush couplings are usually provided with 80 ShA NBR elastomer rings with the standard material being a true all-rounder. NR elastomers are available for low temperature applications. Apart from that backlash-free, electrically insulating NBR elastomers (coloured in blue) are available which are mainly used in cableway drives.

Small pin & bush couplings are relatively expensive with the REVOLEX commencing from a rated coupling torque of 4,300 Nm. The product ranges ROTEX and POLY-NORM are available for low performance ranges.

The pin & bush coupling is made up of two hubs identical in design. Pins and pocket holes alternate on the outside pitch circle of the hubs. The torques are transmitted via the steel pins with taper elastomer rings and the respective bores of the sleeve hub.

Any kind of shaft displacement, e. g. generated by inaccurate alignment of driving or driven elements, is reliably offset and vibrations as well as torque shocks are excellently compensated.
The pin & bush coupling is maintenance-free and used in general engineering as well as pump industry, conveyor technology, etc. Torques up to 1,220,000 Nm are available in 21 sizes for an optimum adaptation to the respective application. As a result customized solutions are available along with the standard product range.

REVOLEX KX-D holds the maritime type approval such as BV Bureau Veritas; ABS American Bureau of Shipping; DNV.GL Desk Nord Veritas. With maritime applications there are special demands acc. to EN 10204 (3.2) on hub bodies and pins.

Applications of our REVOLEX pin & bush couplings: REVOLEX pin & bush couplings are mainly used in safety-relevant applications, drives subjected to shocks with severely high speeds, e. g. marine technology, conveyor technology, chemistry parks, biogas plants, etc. The pin & bush couplings have a fail-safe design operating reliably with rated torques from 3,800 to 1,220,000 Nm.

Our flexible pin & bush couplings REVOLEX®:

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