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ROTEX goes digital - LIVE EVENT

Experience our ROTEX coupling going digital - Register now for the LIVE EVENT


New materials for highly flexible flange coupling SINULASTIC

KTR has extended the product line of SINULASTIC by the new materials EPDM and…


Webinar "Torque measurement in practice" - register now

The precise measurement of torque and speed has become indispensable in modern…

ROTEX ZRS intermediate shaft coupling | KTR Systems

New intermediate shaft coupling from the ROTEX family

The intermediate tube of ROTEX ZRS is made of high-strength aluminium

KTR webinar: Flange couplings for hydrostats

Webinar "Flange couplings for hydrostats" - register now

This online seminar is aimed at anyone who wants to know how flange couplings…


Professional webinar "Clamping sets" - register now

This professional webinar deals in detail with the design and assembly of our…

DATAFLEX: Dual-range torque sensor | KTR Systems

DATAFLEX: Dual-range torque sensor with extended measuring range

As a standard, our DATAFLEX torque sensor is provided with a measuring range…

Oil-/Air cooler OAC by KTR Systems

OAC eco2 - Easy temperature-dependent fan control for your cooler

OAC eco2 - Easy temperature-dependent fan control for your cooler


Small, compact, affordable: The OAC 250 closes the gap

New size closes the gap between cooling capacities

New: ROFLEX short and servicefriendly | KTR

New: ROFLEX failsafe shaft couplings - short and servicefriendly

With the ROFLEX KTR launches a new shaft coupling according to DIN 740 which is…


Webinar: CLAMPEX - clamping sets basic training

This webinar is a basic webinar on the topic of clamping elements and provides…

SINULASTIC B highly flexible flange couplings | KTR

New: SINULASTIC - highly flexible flange couplings

We are introducing a new series of highly torsionally flexible disk couplings,…

Aluminum tank BAK 12 | KTR Systems

BAK aluminium tank in a new size

We have extended our production programme of aluminium tanks

EVOLASTIC - high flexible coupling | KTR

New: EVOLASTIC - all-rounder coupling

We developed a new all-rounder coupling exploiting a new and very broad range of…


Heavyweight for high torques and large shaft diameters

POLY-NORM M is a torsionally flexible and fail-safe shaft coupling mainly used…


KTR-Webinar: Cool Solutions by KTR - Oil/Air & Water coolers for Hydraulics & Gearboxes

You want to learn more about cooler in hydraulics and how to size it?

MINEX-H Hysterisis coupling | KTR Systems

New hysteresis coupling with wear-free overload protection

KTR developed a coupling that transmits the torque contactless via magnetic…

Range of split-hub couplings by KTR

Split-hub couplings: Advantages and applications

As a manufacturer of couplings with over 60 years of innovation, KTR is always…

REVOLEX KX-D with SPLIT hubs l KTR Systems

Assembly and disassembly without dismounting driving and driven side

The REVOLEX KX-D SPLIT consist of hub bodies separated into two halves.

ROTEX SH with SPLIT hubs l KTR Systems

Easy to service even with narrow spaces

The ROTEX SH with SPLIT hubs consist of hub bodies separated into two halves.

KTR Online-Tools Screen by KTR Systems GmbH

Revision Online-Tools

We revised, optimized and supplemented our Online-Tools. Now it is even easier…

RIGIFLEX steel lamina couplings by KTR Systems GmbH

Project CAS

With the help of the "Coupling Alignment Scan" (CAS) displacements can be…

Active floating caliper brakes EMB-STOP SBT by KTR Systems GmbH

Our brake system for the marine industry

Control with local operation and interface to the bridge.

Steel lamina couplings RIGIFLEX-N-A-H open view by KTR Systems GmbH

New steel lamina coupling for easy assembly and disassembly

The new RIGIFLEX®-N type A-H consists of two hubs, one spacer and two lamina…

Backlash-free servo couplings RADEX-NC HT by KTR Systems GmbH


High Torque Coupling

Backlash-free servo couplings ROTEX GS HP by KTR Systems GmbH

KTR developing a high-speed coupling

KTR developed a new shaft coupling for drives with severely high speeds.

Thruster brakes KTR-STOP TB S by KTR Systems GmbH

KTR is adding thruster brakes to its program

The electro-hydraulic brake systems of the KTR-STOP® TB line are available as…