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up to 55 kN

Thruster brake KTR-STOP® TB S disk brake

Disk brake with a settable braking torque

The spring-operated Thruster brake KTR-STOP TB S is an electrohydraulic braking system (disk brake).

This brake is spring-operated. In the event of a power failure, it engages and is released via a brake fan.

The braking torque of the spring-operated KTR-STOP TB S disk brake can be set on site. This disk brake corresponds to the industrial standard which ensures replaceability. Depending on the application case, the brake can be fitted with organic brake pads or powder metal.

The disk brake KTR-STOP TB S is available in a right and left version and in three different sizes. It generates a braking torque of up to 15,200 Nm at a disk diameter of 900 mm.

Application areas for our Thruster brakes (disk brakes) KTR-STOP TB S:

The electrohydraulic braking systems of the KTR-Stop TB series are usually used in crane systems, winches and conveyor belts, as well as steelworks and the material transport.

Properties of the Thruster brake with a disk brake KTR-STOP TB S:

  • Electrohydraulic
  • Spring-operated
  • Disk brake
  • Clamping force up to 55 kN

Thruster brakes and clutches by KTR:

The customer profits from a one-stop supplier meaning it is possible to combine our Thruster brakes with our clutches.

The Thruster brake KTR-STOP TB S disk brake can be combined with the following clutches:

  • ROTEX SBAN (claw clutch with brake disk)
  • ROTEX AFN-SB special (special claw clutch with brake disk)
  • POLY-NORM ADR-SBA (shaft clutch with brake disk) 
  • REVOLEX KX-D SB (bolt clutch with brake disk)
  • Disk brake available in right and left version
  • Disk brakes in accordance with the industry standard
  • The fully enclosed spiral element improves protection against damage and dirt
  • Adjustable braking torque
  • Bolts and tension spring / spring balancer rod made of rust-proof steel
  • Can be combined with our clutches ROTEX SBAN, POLY-NORM ADR-SBA and REVOLEX KX-D SB
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  • Automatic wear adjustment
  • Manual release device
  • Limit switch brake status and pad wear
  • Decelerated damping
  • Alternative pad materials
  • Relubricated bearing points
  • Special painting

Can be combined with...

  • ROTEX AFN-SB special

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