Torque ranges up to 20,000 Nm

DATAFLEX® torque sensor

Rotating shaft for measuring the most important drive data simultaneously: torque, speed, rotation angle and direction of rotation

The DATAFLEX torque sensor is a torque measuring device available in eleven sizes to precisely measure torques from 10 Nm to 20 kNm.

Modern drive technology with its variable and dynamic drives cannot imagine to do without precise measuring of torque and speed. Our torque sensor DATAFLEX measures four parameters simultaneously: torque, speed, torsion angle and direction of rotation.

Measurement of torque is made via approved technology of wire strain gauges combined with state-of-the-art electronic components. The torque signals are processed contactlessly by our torque sensor with a high resolution of 24 bits reaching an accuracy of 0.1 % of the final value.

A simple push of a button switches the measuring shaft to a second measuring range, which is one fifth of the nominal value. This allows much smaller torques to be measured precisely without having to change the test setup.

In addition the measuring system has an encoder for calculating the speed. Depending on the size of torque measuring shaft it provides two 90° phase-shifted signals having a resolution of 360, 450 resp. 720 pulses per revolution.

Areas of application for our DATAFLEX torque sensor (torque measuring device):

Reliable measured values in machine monitoring, process control and test bench technology.

You can find out everything about torque measurement here.

Types of our torque sensors & torque transducers:

For rotating applicationsxxxxxx
Dual-range measuring shaftxxxxx-
Measuring range 1 TKN [Nm]10, 30, 50 100, 300, 50010003000, 500010000, 2000020000 - 500000
Measuring range 2 TKN2 [Nm]2, 6, 1020, 60, 100200600, 10002000, 4000-
Inaccuracy (% of TKN/TKN2)< 0.1/0.2< 0.1/0.2< 0.1/0.2< 0.1/0.2< 0.1/0.2< 2
Torque output-10 ... 10 V-10 ... 10 V-10 ... 10 V-10 ... 10 V-10 ... 10 V

-10 ... 10 V,
4 ... 20 mA

Speed output      
Square-wave signal [pulses/rev.]2 x 3602 x 7202 x 7202 x 4502 x 720-
DC - direct voltage [0 ... 10V)xxxxx-
Direction signalxxxxx-
Maximum speed [rpm]10,0007,5006,5004,0003,000miscellaneous
Coupling recommendedRADEX-NC 21, 26RADEX-NC 36
RADEX-N 80RADEX-N 90, 115as specifiedas specified
Connection housing DF2xxxxx-

Calculates four parameters simultaneously: torque, speed, rotation angle and direction of rotation

  • Dual-range sensor 5:1
  • Inaccuracy of 0.1 %
  • Maintenance-free
  • Integrated speed measurement
  • Output signal ±10 volts
  • Rotation direction signal
  • 24 bits data logging
  • For rotating and stationary applications
  • Wire strain gauges technology
  • Calibration with calibration certificate
  • in combination with double-cardanic couplings
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Measuring range and dimensions are individually customizable up to 100,000 Nm

For measuring ranges from 20 kNm to 100 kNm we manufacture customized torque sensors (torque measuring shafts) on request. Important parameters such as measuring range, size, length and coupling type can be customized to the demands of the drive. Torque is measured contactlessly without the need of additional bearings.

Apart from customized torque sensors KTR provides special solutions where other drive components like couplings are instrumented with torque measuring technology. Hereby the modifications of the drive can be reduced to a minimum.


The connection housing DF2 can easily be combined with all DATAFLEX torque measuring shafts. It has a retainer for top hat rail assembly as well as terminal screws for easy connection of external devices. The following properties save the purchase of expensive measuring amplifiers and converters:

  • The torque output can be filtered over 5 stages so that short-time torque peaks in the display can be reduced.
  • The pulsed outputs of the speed signals can be configured for both 5V (TTL) and 24V (HTL) controls. This makes the outputs compatible with data logging boards and SPS controls.
  • In parallel with the pulse outputs an integrated frequency voltage converter supplies a DC voltage from 0 - 10V proportionally to the speed, the scaling of which can be individually adapted. This makes an expensive counter superfluous so that the signal can either be processed as a voltage or displayed.
  • A direction signal indicates the rotational direction of the drive (with DATAFLEX 16, 32, 42, 70 and 110).

Complete solution for all DATAFLEX series:

  • Convenient speed output
  • Pulse outputs with switchable signal levels (5V/24V)
  • Scalable DC voltage output by integrated frequency voltage converter (0 - 10V)
  • Adjustable output filter for torque output
  • Top hat rail assembly
  • Integrated button for automatic zero adjustment
  • Cable lenghts available: 2, 5 and 10 metres

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