Be Green - and talk about it!

Admittedly, "being green" has been put under a lot of strain in recent years. A little bit of sustainability here, a little bit of environmental awareness there and they were "green", the products, the services, the companies. It is not without reason that the term "greenwashing" has become established.

But we don't want to wash ourselves clean, we want to become green. We have recently set out and created the label "KTR Green Company". A common roof under which we will in future report about sustainable projects and actions from the worldwide KTR group in a transparent way. Here you can learn more about our way to sustainability and these projects.

IT infrastructure - why our data centres do a lot for the environment

What do you think of when you hear "sustainability"? Does the area of IT infrastructure come to your mind first? Probably not. Especially in this area there is a lot of potential to give a company a sustainable orientation. KTR has already been proving for a decade how this can be implemented.

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Paper waste becomes filler - paper recycling concept

In our logistics center, countless packages are sent on their way every day. The amount of fillers and paper used in the process raised a question: How do we stop producing paper waste, avoid buying additional packaging material and replace 100 percent of the fillers? The answer: In cooperation with the Caritas-Emstor workshops in Rheine, we are starting a recycling cycle that meets precisely these requirements. With the new paper recycling concept, we will soon replace 100 percent of the packaging material at our headquarters in Rheine.

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Good climate for animals and humans - the green wall

At our headquarters in Rheine, a green façade shines. It not only looks good and embellishes our headquarters, but also has many advantages for us and the (room) climate. Fine dust is bound, oxygen is produced and even new living space is created for the insects. Feel free to look for the wall the next time you visit us.

A building that lives and breathes - Positive Energy House KTR France

In 2017, KTR bought a building from the 1970s in Lyon in order to move the French headquarters there. Yet this was not without making some very exciting changes to the building in order to make it particularly ecological. The result is a so-called positive energy house, a building that produces more energy than it consumes. We were rewarded not only with very satisfied employees but also with awards like the "Green Solutions Award 2018" and the "Energy Globe Award 2020".

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