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SINULASTIC type B highly flexible flange coupling | KTR

SINULASTIC® highly flexible flange couplings for versatile applications 

KTR SINULASTIC is a modularly structured series of highly flexible flange couplings based on a disk-shaped coupling body. Four practical basic versions with individual properties cover a wide range of applications primarily for diesel engine drives, but also general drive tasks.

By using different elastomer materials, this coupling series can be used in applications of up to + 130°C ambient temperature.

Applications of the highly flexible flange coupling SINULASTIC:

The main task of the coupling is reducing torsional vibrations resulting from excitations of the I. C.-engine during standard operation and misfire operation as well as protecting the drive from overload.

It is a good option both for variable speed and constant speed drives, while a supercritical selection of the drive train above resonance level is made. Particularly for the series the coupling disk requires smallest possible axial mounting space. 

Depending on the type the coupling is pluggable and compensates for displacements resp. tolerances moderately to very well.

It is a non-slip or shear type and radially mountable.  


Our SINULASTIC highly flexible flange couplings:

  • For I. C.-engines
  • Highly flexible
  • Vibration-damping
  • Compensating for displacements
  • Easy assembly
  • Short mounting dimension
  • Wide portfolio of hub connections
  • Elastomer element available in various qualities
  • Elastomer element available in different materials: Natural Rubber (NR), Synthetic Rubber (EPDM), Silicone Rubber (SI)
  • Maintenance-free
  • Twisting angle from 13° to 18°
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0 - 25,000 Nm


Externally pluggable flange coupling

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0 - 6,200 Nm


Disk coupling with Taperlock shaft connection

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0 - 22,000 Nm


Disk coupling with gear coupling

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0 - 22,000 Nm


Disc coupling for high displacements

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