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3 - 500 kW cooling capacity

Oil/water cooler bundle of pipes heat exchanger TAK/TP

Bundle of pipes heat exchanger: oil/water cooler with replaceable bundles of pipes

The coolers type TAK/TP were originally developed for hydraulic systems, but can also be used for lubrication oil cooling, heat recovery etc. due to their design.

The bundle of pipes of the oil/water cooler is designed in that it can expand to both sides minimising thermal stresses. The pipe-to-pipe connection ensures high reliability. A version for operation with sea water is also available.

Applications of our oil/water cooler TAK/TP:

The bundle of pipes heat exchanger TAK/TP is used with dirty water or sea water.

  • Easy to clean
  • Bundle of pipes can be replaced
  • Seawater versions available in short term
  • Cooling capacity: 3 - 500 kW
  • Volume flow of oil: 0 - 1,300 l/min
  • Volume flow of water: 0 - 800 l/min (salt water up to 500 l/min)
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