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0 - 2,750,000 Nm

GEARex® FH all-steel gear coupling

The all-steel gear coupling GEARex-FH combines shafts with a large shaft distance and is supplied as a lathed or welded type, depending on the distance.

The one-piece sleeve of the gear coupling complies with the AGMA standard.

  • Double-cardanic all-steel gear coupling
  • High torques up to 135,000 Nm with small dimensions
  • For larger shaft distance dimensions
  • Type with one-piece sleeve
  • Higher torques by special materials
  • Application ranges: mechanical engineering, pump drives, compressors and steel mills
  • Complying with ATEX (acc. to EU directive 2014/34/EU)
  • UKEX compliant (according to UKEX Directive SI 2016:1107)
  • AGMA standard (American Gear Manufacturer Association)
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