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Electronic level temperature switch <nobr>NVT-E</nobr>

Electrical monitoring of level and temperature

The filling level in oil tanks for hydraulics and lubrication technology should be monitored continuously. The state-of-the-art factory automation demands for provision of compatible signals. Despite the central system control it is frequently requested to visualise the current condition on the tanks themselves.

To allow for oil tanks with low volume and accordingly few space for accessory equipment and monitoring equipment to be integrated in sophisticated system monitoring, type NVT-E was developed. It combines small mounting dimensions with high operation density and easy operation.

Type NVT-E (Electronic level temperature switch) provides the most flexible application spectrum for level and temperature control with standard analogue outputs, programmable switch or frequency outputs for filling level or oil temperature in the tank. Also available with IO link.

  • Clearly visible LED display with status indicator - swivelling by 270°
  • G 3/4” connection thread
  • 4 programmable switch outputs to be randomly assigned as level and temperature signal
  • Alternatively 2 programmable analogous outputs + 2 programmable switch outputs
  • Programmable analogous output as 4 - 20 mA, 0 - 5V, 0 - 10V or 2 - 10V
  • 2x M12 plug base 4 poles
  • Min./max. memory, logbook function
  • Also available with IO link
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  • With steel tank
  • With aluminium tank
  • OAC/OPC cooler
  • With tank heaters

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