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Magnetic couplings MINEX-S by KTR Systems GmbH

MINEX®-S magnetic couplings with containment shroud

Magnetic couplings with containment shroud are particularly suitable for reliable sealing of liquids and gases.

The magnetic coupling MINEX®-S with containment shroud between the magnetic rotors ensures hermetic separation of driving and driven side, e. g. in pumps and agitators. With critical media like aggressive acids and bases it serves for reliable static sealing, thus preventing serious leakages.

Our magnetic couplings with containment shroud:

  • Magnetic coupling with containment shroud
  • Contactless torque transmission with permanent magnets
  • Hermetic sealing of damageable liquids and gases
  • Containment shroud available in various alternative materials
  • Torques from 0.15 to 1,000 Nm
  • Suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX)
  • Long service life / maintenance-free
  • Optionally acc. to API 685
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10 - 1,000 Nm

MINEX®-S with containment shroud made of Hastelloy

For average to high performance ranges

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10 - 390 Nm

MINEX®-S with containment shroud made of PEEK

For maximum efficiency without any losses of eddy current

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25 - 550 Nm

MINEX®-S with containmant shroud made of ceramics

For maximum efficiency without any losses of eddy current

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MINEX®-S  entirely made of stainless steel

Magnetic coupling entirely made of stainless steel

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MINEX®-S subassemblies and conversion kits

For customized special solutions and adaptations

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