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up to 300,000 Nm

Steel laminae couplings RADEX-N for wind turbines

The heart of the RADEX-N lamina coupling are the laminas subjected to special treatment. They are reciprocally connected to hub and spacer via high-strength dowel screws, thus ensuring high ease of displacement and increased power density.

The steel laminae sets of this wind power coupling were developed by means of FEM calculations. The result is the typical waisted shape allowing for an optimum combination of torque transmission, torsional stiffness and the necessary options of displacement

  • Wind power coupling 
  • Backlash-free al-steel coupling /  Laminae coupling
  • Laminas made of high-strength spring steel
  • Compensating for high displacements
  • Can be combined with our brake systems
  • Electrically insulating
  • With integrated torque limiter
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We usually supply the wind power coupling in combination with a brake disk having a diameter of up to 1,600 mm and a sensor disk for speed monitoring. In addition there is an overload system ensuring accurate torque limitation even under adverse conditions. The RUFLEX torque limiter is ideally suitable for this task. It is provided with special friction linings making it operate free from stick-slip and severely resistant to wear. The torque limiter is calibrated by the manufacturer and is hidden in the coupling spacer in a space-saving way afterwards. As soon as the slipping torque set is reached, the power train is limited and the machine is protected against load peaks on the generator side up to 1,000 times. The slipping torque is reproducible with RUFLEX so many times, protecting the machine against stress and reducing servicing significantly.

  • Brake disc

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