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800 - 1,200 kN

KTR-STOP® XXL-xxxx-F passive, spring-operated floating caliper brake

Stop brake for mill applications

The passive brake KTR-STOP XXL-xxxx-F is a spring-operated floating caliper brake.

The brake caliper KTR-STOP XXL-xxxx-F is designed like the floating caliper brake and has the advantage that it works without any axial forces. This prevents damage to the drive train, even if there is an incorrect setting or an error in the installation. The possibility of the setting the clearance under pressure reduces the maintenance and standstill times.

The brake KTR-STOP XXL-xxxx-F is a typical stop brake that is used in mill applications. All features of these brakes are designed to work reliably under adverse environmental conditions and to produce low operating costs.

The selected materials and the design of the caliper mean that the brake works reliably even under very low temperature conditions.

Properties of the passive, spring-operated floating caliper brake KTR STOP XXL-xxxx-F:

  • Hydraulic
  • (Passive) spring-operated
  • Disk brake
  • Floating caliper brake
  • Clamping force up to 1,200 kN
  • Clamping forces up to 1,200 kN
  • Holding brake
  • Use in the very low temperature range
  • Optimised floating caliper design
  • Pressure connections on the rear side
  • Reinforced centring system for optimised floating behaviour
  • Leak oil connections on the rear side prevent leaks on the brake pad
  • Reduced maintenance times due to fast readjustment even under pressure
  • short response times
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