0 - 2,400 Nm

RIGIFLEX®-N A-H Steel laminae couplings

Steel laminae coupling in a half shell design foreasy and quick assembly and disassembly according to API 610 and optionally API 671.

  • Easy radial assembly/disassembly subject to half shell hubs
  • Laminae sets assembled by manufacturer
  • Coupling balanced fully as a unit
  • Cost- and performance-optimised type
  • Compact design / relatively short shaft distance
  • Absorbing large shaft diameters
  • Drop-out protection of spacer with fracture of laminas acc. to API 671
  • Torsionally stiff
  • Complying with ATEX (acc. to EU directive 2014/34/EU)
  • UKEX compliant (according to UKEX Directive SI 2016:1107)
  • Double-cardanic
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