0 - 2,500 Nm

BoWex® Special-I curved-tooth gear coupling

The double-cardanic curved-tooth gear coupling BoWex Special-I is particularly suitable for easy assembly and disassembly.

With this type the left-hand hub and sleeve are interconnected making it well suitable for blind assembly and vertical mounting.

As an alternative the BoWex Special-I gear coupling is available with lengthened hub for bridging larger shaft distances. This type enables axial displacement of driving and driven shaft at standstill.

  • Double-cardanic curved-tooth gear coupling® / Gear coupling
  • Axial plug-in, for blind assembly
  • For all applications in the range of general engineering and hydraulics
  • Maintenance-free by material combination of nylon/steel
  • Wide stock range with finish bores H7 and keyway to DIN
  • Lengthened hubs available from stock
  • Lengthened special sleeves on request
  • Special hub designs available 
  • Torsionally stiff
  • Axial, radial, angular compensation
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The polyamide material allows for maintenance-free permanent operation with very good coefficients of friction of the teeth.

Subject to the double-cardanic operating principle of the BoWex gear couplings restoring forces can be ignored with angular and radial displacements and periodical fluctuations of angular velocity do not appear. 

BoWex gear couplings can be assembled in vertical or horizontal design.

The smooth and hard surface (crystalline structure) along with the high thermal stability and resistance to lubricants, fuels, hydraulic liquids, dissolvents, etc. make polyamide an ideal material for components stressed by sliding, specifically for coupling manufacture.

  • KTR overload systems

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