0 - 1,800 Nm

ROFLEX® SH Split torsionally flexible, failsafe shaft coupling

Shaft coupling with elastomer elements that can be replaced when installed

The torsionally flexible, failsafe shaft coupling ROFLEX SH Split is a short, three-part shaft coupling for torsional vibration damping power transmission.

The torsionally flexible jaw coupling ROFLEX SH Split is an elastomer coupling with fracture separated/cracked hubs (SH SPLIT)
This design is also referred to as half shell coupling, clamping coupling, coupling with split hubs or elastomer coupling with split clamping hub.

The coupling transmits torques up to 1,800 Nm.

The split hubs allow to assemble and disassemble the coupling radially without having to shift the adjacent power packs. Before start-up each electric motor must be subjected to a torsional direction inspection to prevent damage to the drive.

With ROFLEX SH this can be done without any problem and can be implemented locally at the site. The coupling is used in general mechanical engineering and is thus suitable for numerous applications, often between IEC motor or Nema standard motor and industrial gearbox where it is mounted as a high-speed coupling on the motor side. Anyway, it is mainly applied in the pump industry between electric motor and pump.

Benefits of couplings with split hubs:

For more detailed information about benefits of half shell couplings refer to our article "Couplings with split hubs: benefits and applications".

The three-part ROFLEX SH Split shaft coupling allows to offset positive locking fit without shifting driving and driven side axially. The elastomer elements can be replaced when installed.

  • Three-part shaft coupling for torsional vibration damping power transmission
  • Axial plug-in, easy assembly, easy to service
  • Assembly/disassembly via two screws
  • Short dimensions; small shaft distance dimension
  • Application: general mechanical engineering
  • Elastomer damper can be replaced when installed
  • Compliant with ATEX (according to EU directive 2014/34/EU)
  • UKEX compliant (according to UKEX Directive SI 2016:1107)
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Function of a failsafe shaft coupling:

The ROFLEX shaft coupling is composed of two hubs the cams of which are inserted in the tailor-made clearance of the other hub half each. 
This short design of the shaft coupling allows to combine shafts having a particularly short shaft distance dimension. The elastomer located between the cams transmits the torques while compensating for any kind of displacement.

Component variance of a failsafe shaft coupling: 

High adaptability with small variance by an optimally graded construction kit system: The elements of the ROFLEX® shaft coupling of one size can be combined with each other without any problem. As a consequence various shaft distances can be generated by the same basic component.

Assembly and service ROFLEX

ROFLEX® SH Split torsionally flexible, failsafe shaft coupling - Assembly and service | KTR Systems

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