10 - 1,000 Nm

MINEX®-S magnetic coupling with containment shroud made of Hastelloy

Magnetic coupling with containment shroud made of Hastelloy for average to higher performance ranges

The MINEX® magnetic coupling with containment shroud made of Hastelloy is the most common type for pump drives and other applications with liquids in the average and higher performance range. 

Subject to its high resistance to pressure and temperature it covers a wide field of applications. Inside the rotating magnetic field metallic containment shrouds generally cause losses of eddy current which are converted into heat and which may require cooling measures. 

In applications with pumps the heat generated can usually be dissipated by the pumped medium. If higher pressure resistance than covered by standard KTR products is required, we provide customized special solutions.

Typical applications of the magnetic coupling with containment shroud made of Hastelloy:

  • gear pumps
  • centrifugal pumps
  • screw spindle pumps
  • agitators
  • PU foaming lines
  • Magnetic coupling with containment shroud made of Hastelloy
  • Contactless torque transmission with permanent magnets
  • Hermetic sealing of damageable liquids and gases
  • Torques from 10 to 1,000 Nm
  • Max. operating temperature 300 °C
  • Suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX)
  • Shear type, separating, slipping
  • Optionally acc. to API 685
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General description of magnetic couplings:

The magnetic couplings of the MINEX® range are permanent-magnetic couplings transmitting the torque without contact through magnetic forces between two magnetic rotors. The standard type MINEX®-S with containment shroud and magnets positioned radially ensures hermetic separation of driving and driven side in pumps and agitators. 

As a hysteresis coupling version it is in turn suitable as a wear-free overload protection alternatively to classical safety couplings. With the disk coupling which is optionally available the magnets face each other axially so that torques can be transmitted through plane walls. The transmittable torque can be varied by adjusting the air gap.

Sealing function of magnetic couplings:

The main component of the MINEX-S magnetic coupling is the so-called containment shroud that is fixed to the driven-side power pack separating internal and external rotor. It ensures a completely leak-proof separation of product space and atmosphere. Sealing is made statically, e. g. by means of a flat seal or an O-ring, thus eliminating the need to use dynamically loaded sealing elements.

As a standard KTR supplies both metallic and non-metallic containment shrouds. The metallic types cover the widest application range, yet causing eddy current losses which might require cooling measures. If eddy current losses can definitely be excluded, the energy-efficient alternative materials PEEK ceramics are available.

Retrofit Kits for conveying pumps

Flange pumps with a conventional shaft sealing such as gland, shaft seal or something similar as a standard version can be retrofitted with the MINEX®-S magnetic coupling without much designing effort.

Retrofit for PUR foaming processes

When conveying and metering the media polyol and isocyanate in PUR processing plants, ambient air has to be prevented from penetrating into the process, since otherwise adverse reactions might be generated.

KTR provides standard conversion kits for reliable sealing of such drives, among other things for axial piston pumps type REXROTH A2VK and ROTARY POWER series C offering the following benefits:

  • maintenance-free operation
  • significantly reduced downtimes
  • no more problems with sealing
  • better efficiency and higher process reliability

The subassemblies are available for all motor-pump-combinations and with various materials.

KTR hydraulic components (see "subassemblies and coversion kits"such as KTR bellhousings, foot flanges and damping rods

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