2.5 - 2,000 Nm

RADEX®-NC EK backlash-free servo laminae coupling

Single-cardanic single-jointed coupling (servo laminae coupling)

The single-cardanic servo laminae coupling (single-jointed coupling) RADEX®-NC High Torque EK was developed for applications in servo technology. The single-cardanic design is characterized by conformal torque transmission and high torsion spring stiffness.

Servo laminae coupling with clamping hubs:
RADEX-NC EK with clamping hubs is a single-cardanic standard series. The clamping hubs make the servo laminae coupling easy to assemble. The hubs are fastened to the shaft by tightening one single clamping screw eccentrically positioned. Here both frictionally engaged connections without feather keyway and positive-locking connections with feather keyway are available.

Servo laminae coupling with clamping ring hub:
RADEX-NC EK with clamping ring hub is a single-cardanic series for high speeds.
The two-part, rotationally symmetric taper hubs ensure smooth running along with a safe, frictionally engaged shaft-hub-connection even with high speeds. 

  • Backlash-free servo laminae coupling / single-jointed coupling
  • Single-cardanic coupling version
  • Easy assembly
  • Short design
  • Optionally available with feather keyway
  • Good concentric properties
  • High speeds
  • High friction torque
  • Axial, angular, radial compensation
  • Torsionally stiff
  • Complying with ATEX (acc. to EU directive 2014/34/EU)
  • UKEX compliant (according to UKEX Directive SI 2016:1107)
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The servo laminae coupling RADEX®-NC was developed for applications in servo technology.

The package made up of torsionally stiff and flexible steel laminas offsets axial, angular and radial shaft displacements. Being an all-metal coupling - the laminas are made of stainless steel - the RADEX-NC can be used with temperatures up to +200 °C and under aggressive ambient conditions.

The RADEX-NC is provided with clamping hubs or clamping ring hubs.

Our servo laminae coupling is available in two versions:
- RADEX-NC High Torque EK = single-cardanic servo laminae coupling
- RADEX-NC High Torque DK = double-cardanic servo laminae coupling

Applications of our servo laminae coupling RADEX-NC:
Typical applications of RADEX-NC are backlash-free worm gears with small transmissions, couplings for automation technology, drive technology, medical technology

Typical applications of  RADEX-NC servo laminae couplings:

Typical applications of the servo laminae coupling RADEX-NC are backlash-free worm gears with small transmissions.

Due to the transmission of the gearbox the coupling stiffness must be converted from the driving to the driven side.

The transmission has a vital impact, since it enters the calculation to the square. The converted rigidity is added in line with the gearbox rigidity in order to get the total rigidity.In case of gear ratios smaller than i = 8 we recommend to use the RADEX-NC servo laminae coupling.

Our servo steel laminae couplings are assessed and approved according to EU directive 2014/34/EU as units of category 2G/2D and thus suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres of zone G1, G2, D21 and D22.

If clamping hubs without keyway (permissible for category 3 only) are used in potentially explosive atmospheres, the coupling must be selected such that there is a minimum safety factor of s=2 between the peak torque of the machine including all operating parameters and the friction resp. rated torque of the coupling. 

Please also read the notes in the respective type examination certificate and the operating and assembly instructions!

  • Torque measuring shafts
  • Torque limiters

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