260 - 3,017,100 Nm

CLAMPEX® KTR 100 not self-centering internal clamping set

Internal clamping set suitable for large shaft and hub tolerances

The not self-centering CLAMPEX® KTR 100 clamping set is a backlash-free shaft-hub-connection.
Compared to other clamping sets a larger shaft and hub tolerance is permissible with CLAMPEX KTR 100. The use of the CLAMPEX KTR 100 claming element requires direct centering between shaft and hub.

  • Backlash-free shaft-hub-connection / clamping element
  • Simultaneous transmission of torque and axial force
  • Suitable for large shaft and hub tolerances
  • Maintenance-free
  • Operating temperature from -20 °C to +160 °C
  • Centering between shaft and hub required
  • No axial displacement of hub to shaft during assembly
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CLAMPEX not self-centering internal clamping sets enable backlash-free and frictionally engaged connection between cylindrical shafts without keyway and hub bores.
The CLAMPEX internal clamping sets provide overload protection of the machine elements via slipping (repeated slipping should be avoided).

The wedge-shaped components of the clamping set that are shifted on top of each other via clamping screws generate radial forces ensuring friction fit on the contact surfaces of shaft and hub bores. This friction fit allows for simultaneous transmission of torque and axial force. If not self-centering internal clamping sets are used, there must be direct centering between shaft and hub due to the design of clamping sets.

Not self-centering CLAMPEX clamping elements are preferred, among other things, as an alternative to a feather key connection considering their benefits.

  • Backlash-free shaft-hub-connection
  • Simultaneous transmission of torque and axial force
  • Ideally suitable for applications with alternating loads
  • Permanently non-destructive connection. No shearing of keyways, setscrews, pins, etc.
  • Simplified production processes of shaft and hub
  • Unlimited alignment of the hub on the shaft
  • High power density
  • Material saving by smaller shaft and hub dimensions
  • Easy assembly and disassembly with standard tools
  • Overload protection of machine elements via slipping (repeated slipping should be avoided)
  • Insensitive to dirt
  • Easy calculation of clamping connection
  • Corrosion protection on request 

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