0 - 1,850 Nm

MONOLASTIC® type SAE one-piece, flexible flange couplings

The flange coupling MONOLASTIC as a type SAE is a one-piece, flexible coupling with torque-to-bore volume ratio for the drive of diesel engines and hydraulic pumps.

The steel hub with internal spline already pre-assembled on the flange coupling allows for axial plug-in connection with the pump shaft. This type has a flange connection acc. to SAE 6 1/2" to 11 1/2" as well as special connections and is available for all common SAE and DIN pump spline shafts.

The elastomer enables high radial and angular displacements. This flange coupling is centered via the steel flange on the engine flywheel.

  • One-piece, torsionally flexible flange coupling
  • For the drive in diesel engine / hydraulic pump up to 250 kW
  • Available in different kinds of Shore hardness
  • Axial plug-in in combination with the pump spline shaft
  • Available for SAE and DIN pump spline shafts
  • Available with SAE flywheel connection
  • Special flange dimensions available
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The MONOLASTIC coupling is a flexible flange coupling enabling compensation of radial and angular displacements with severely low restoring forces through the elastomer part. As a result this flange coupling is particularly suitable for the drive of hydraulic pumps in single or multiple arrangement. Due to the already mounted and thus one-piece design the MONOLASTIC flange coupling is specifically easy to install.

  • Pump mounting flanges
  • MMC coolers

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