0 - 5,600 Nm

EVOLASTIC® D2H highly flexible intermediate shaft coupling

Highly flexible intermediate shaft coupling with customer-specific shaft distance dimensions (DBSE)

Type D2H is a highly flexible shaft coupling to be applied in main and auxiliary drives in mechanical and plant engineering. The intermediate shaft for bridging large shaft distances is available in customised lengths.

Subject to its torsionally soft property it serves for insulating vibrations and acoustics in the drive train.

In addition to transmitting the torque the coupling compensates for axial, radial and angular misalignment while absorbing overload flexibly.

Type D2H can be screwed in axially and is available in ten sizes.
The type is available in two materials - NR and on request EPDM.

The maximum operating temperature of the element is 90 °C (NR) resp. 110 °C (EPDM).
Both hubs are available as type 1.0 (feather keyway and setscrew), 3.0 (spline toothing) and 3.1 (spline/clamping hub N).

The types allow for highly individual and flexible mounting options tailor-made for the special application.

  • Highly flexible intermediate shaft coupling
  • Versatile application in mechanical and plant engineering
  • Damping torsional vibrations
  • Maintenance-free subject to material combination elastomer/steel
  • Available in various kinds of Shore hardness SN and MN
  • Elastomer materials NR and on request EPDM
  • Compensating for high misalignment on driving and driven end
  • Available as axial plug-in and screw-in versions
  • Bridging large shaft distances
  • Customised lengths available
  • Max. circumferential speed vmax=56 m/s
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The key component of the series is a vulcanised, circularly closed elastomer element made of natural rubber  (WN, SN, MN, up to  90 °C) or for higher temperatures made of synthetical EPDM material (WE SE, ME, up to 110 °C).

The different kinds of rubber hardness cover one application and torque range per size.
he designing principle ensures a precise prestress in the elastomer.

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