0 - 22,000 Nm

SINULASTIC® B highly flexible flange coupling with gear coupling

Disk coupling in combination with gear coupling for high displacements

In combination with the renowned BoWex inner hub the SINULASTIC B as an all-rounder of the overall series is formed.

The so-called BoWex hub defines a pluggable connection resistant to high loads as well as beneficial adaptations on the driven side up to long driving shaft systems owing to the potentials for particularly high displacements.

The hub and connection variants of BoWex-ELASTIC are fully compatible with the elastomer elements of this series, for example press-fit connections, feather key connections, splines acc. to DIN, SAE or ANSI as well as the clamping hub D design.

  • Highly flexible flange coupling with SAE and special flange dimensions
  • Highly flexible  
  • Damping torsional vibrations
  • Compensating for very high displacements on the driving and driven side
  • Elastomer element available in various qualities
  • Elastomer element available in different materials: Natural Rubber (NR), Synthetic Rubber (EPDM), Silicone Rubber (SI)
  • Axially pluggable subject to the use of the renowned BoWex® spline
  • Easy assembly
  • Short mounting dimension
  • Broad portfolio of hub connections
  • Maintenance-free
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