References for Pumps and Compressors

By using a bellhousing made of nodular iron gearbox and and motor shaft are optimally and solidly aligned to each other. The two shafts are connected via a fail-safe coupling series POLY-NORM AR.

Motor and pump are connected by a double-cardanic ROTEX ZS-DKM-H with split hubs easily compensating for the temperature-related fluctuations in the system.

The torsionally flexible shaft coupling type POLY-NORM AZR is mounted between motor and centrifugal pump combining the driving shaft with the pump shaft.

Munsch developed an armoured chemical series. Pumps with single and double mechanical seals as well as magnetically coupled pumps are used here.

For cooling compressed air and hydraulics a double-circle cooling system series MMC by KTR is used mounted between compressor and compressed air receiver.

„Organic Rankine Cycle“ (ORC) describes a process allowing for power generation with such sources of heat the temperature of which is below that of steam.