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Heating power 400 W - 4,900 W

Tank heater EHP

Tank heater for heating oils, e. g. in hydraulic tanks or gearboxes

Cartridge heaters are used for heating lubricating oil in gearboxes and heating thin oils like, for example, hydraulic oils in tanks. Temperature control can be installed inside and outside.

The benefit with the use of cartridge heaters is that the ceramic heating elements can be replaced, if necessary, without draining the medium. The protective pipe of the heating insert remains permanently in the tank resp. application.

The tank heater is ideal for larger tanks (> 200l).
The protective pipes are fasted by a threaded nipple welded on and a gasket to fit.

  • Inserted heating cartridges with temperature control for heating cold viscous oil
  • Replacement of ceramic cartridges possible without oil drain
  • Horizontal mounting of heating cartridges
  • Pre-selection of temperature outside (TA) or under a protective cap (TI)
  • Heating power 400 W - 4,900 W
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General description for tank heater

Electrical heating elements for liquid heating are used on various applications and processes in the industry.

From the part of the industry heating of oil is the most common application in the field of liquid heating. Every type of oil has specific properties which have to be considered when choosing the temperatures driven and consequently the maxium surface load and heating times.

As an example, we use tank heaters and cartridge heaters for pre-heating hydraulic oil and oil tanks. Other applications are heating of lubriating oil supply systems, for example for gearboxes.

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