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Brake systems by KTR Systems GmbH

Brake systems

Anything which moves must also be able to brake. KTR is one of only a handful of manufacturers worldwide to be able to offer two different braking systems: the hydraulic KTR-STOP® and the electromechanical EMB-STOP. Our hydraulical and electromechanical brake systems are globally used in various industries. Customer preference and parameters of the application decide on the selection of the right brake.

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Our Brake systems

Active fixed caliper brakes KTR-STOP M-D by KTR Systems GmbH

KTR-STOP® M-D active fixed caliper brake

Service brake optionally with adjustment of air gap

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KTR-STOP M passive fixed caliper brake | KTR

KTR-STOP passive fixed caliper brakes

Depending on size, the KTR-STOP fixed caliper brakes are used as a service brake, holding brake or safety brake.

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Combination of hub and brake disk KTR-STOP NBS by KTR Systems GmbH


Our hub with brake disks KTR-STOP NBS can be combined with our brakes including mounting to an additional shaft output on the transmission.

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Active hydraulically applied floating caliper brakes KTR-STOP S-A-F by KTR Systems GmbH

Active floating caliper brakes

Our range of active floating caliper brakes includes hydraulic floating caliper brakes (KTR-STOP) and electromechanical

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Passive spring applied floating caliper brakes KTR-STOP M-xxx-F by KTR Systems GmbH

Passive floating caliper brakes

Our range of spring-operated floating caliper brakes includes hydraulic floating caliper brakes (KTR-STOP) and electromechanical floating caliper...

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Thruster brakes

The brake works based on the fail-safe principle, i.e.: it engages in case of a power failure and is opened via a braking fan. The braking torque...

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Hydraulic brake systems KTR-STOP YAW L by KTR Systems GmbH

Yaw brakes KTR-STOP® YAW

Effective protection for the wind turbine against windsweeping and pulsating loads. Our yew brakes serve to align and st

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Electromechanic brake systems EMB-STOP RL by KTR Systems GmbH

Rotor lock / locking bolt

Rotor locks (locking bolts) block the rotors. This means that the rotors of wind turbines can be locked mechanically in

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Active floating caliper brakes EMB-STOP SBT by KTR Systems GmbH

EMB-STOP SBT Stop Block Turn device

EMB-STOP SBT (Stop Block Turn brake) is made up of one or several disk brakes, locking elements and turn devices.

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Electronic control system IntelliRamp by KTR Systems GmbH

Electronic control system

Control system for program-controlled, accurate braking processes

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