Reference Pumps and Compressors Börger - Mobile pump for petrochemistry compliant with ATEX

The mobile pumps of company Börger are used in various fields: No matter if used in an oil refinery or chemical plant, with sewer renovation or in the flood area. Here each mobile power pack is produced for the respective application.

This mobile pump for petrochemistry is a special solution with both the pumps and control technology as well as the base frame with forklift pockets being supplied by the company Börger. The mobile pump is used for recirculation work and residual draining of storage tanks in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres. Naphta and various kinds of petrol are conveyed. A BLUEline rotary pump size FL 518 is used here. The pump is conveying between 20 and 100 m³/h with a differential pressure of up to 6 bar. The power pack is driven by an I. C.-engine having a power of 22 kW.

Motor and pump are connected by a double-cardanic ROTEX ZS-DKM-H with split hubs easily compensating for the temperature-related fluctuations in the system. The jaw coupling damping vibrations is made of cast iron and the hubs are divided into two halves by precise cracking. This results in an uneven surface with a positive fit ensuring an accurate fit of both halves. This production technology lays the foundation for a better ease of assembly specifically with narrow conditions. At the same time it allows for a good access to the spider: There is no need for time-consuming disassembly of adjacent components.

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