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Passive floating caliper brakes EMB-STOP by KTR Systems GmbH

EMB-STOP (passive) electric, spring-operated floating caliper brakes

The passive floating caliper brakes EMB-STOP are spring-operated, electro-mechanical brakes and brake systems.

EMB-STOP electrical brake and braking systems stand out thanks to their high reliability and efficiency.
The passive electric floating caliper brakes are a flexible and clean solution for an extremely long service life at low operating costs and the highest possible level of system reliability.

Application fields off our passive, spring-operated floating caliper brake EMB-STOP:

The passive, electromechanical brakes are highly suitable if fast response times are required and loads need to be absorbed in an emergency. As spring-operated and electrically released brakes, they are use din particular as emergency-stop brakes and emergency brakes.

  • electrical venting spring-operated
  • Short response time - response time approx. 100 ms
  • Simple pad replacement
  • Compact design
  • "Plug'n'play" 
  • maintenance-free or low-maintenance (application-specific)
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up to 12 kN per pad


electric, passive disk brake - small force range

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30 up to 55 kN per pad


electric, passive disk brake - medium force range

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up to 150 kN per pad


electric, passive safety brake - high braking forces

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