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Clamping forces up to 55 kN

KTR-STOP® S-A-F active hydraulic floating caliper brake

Applicable as a hydraulic service brake or safety brake

The active floating caliper brake KTR-STOP S-A-F is a service or safety brake.

Depending on the size of drive, the KTR-STOP S-A-F brake is used as a service or safety brake. All features of this brake are designed to operate reliably under adverse ambient conditions while generating low operating expenses.

Properties of the active hydraulic floating caliper brake KTR-STOP S-A-F:

  • hydraulic
  • active
  • disk brake
  • floating caliper brake
  • clamping force up to 55 kN

Brakes and couplings by KTR:

The customer benefits from being supplied from one single source. There is the option to combine our brakes with our couplings. The floating caliper brake KTR-STOP S-A-F can be combined with the following couplings:

  • ROTEX SBAN (jaw coupling with brake disk)
  • POLY-NORM ADR-SBA (shaft coupling with brake disk)
  • REVOLEX KX-D SB (pin & bush coupling with brake disk)
  • RADEX-N (steel laminae coupling)
  • Clamping forces up to 55 kN
  • Applications in the low temperature range
  • Optimum corrosion protection of one-piece brake calipers
  • Optimized floating caliper design
  • Pressure ports on the back
  • Reinforced centering system for optimised floating properties
  • Leakage oil connections on the back prevent leakages on the brake pads
  • Short reaction times
  • Easy replacement of brake pads
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The active KTR-STOP brakes are hydraulically applied floating caliper brakes provinding the benefit to operate nearly free from axial forces.

Even in case of misadjustment or failures of installation damage of the drive train is consequently prevented.

Applications of our active hydraulic floating caliper brake KTR-STOP:

Depending on the size KTR-STOP brakes are used as service brakes, holding brakes or safety brakes.

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