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Backlash-free overload systems SYNTEX-NC by KTR Systems GmbH

SYNTEX®-NC backlash-free safety clutches

The backlash-free safety clutch SYNTEX-NC is an overload clutch with a low weight and mass inertia.

Large borehole diameter and assembly-friendly clamping ring version are further features of the extremely compact overload clutch. Our safety clutches are designed based on a backlash-free and positive locking ball-lock principle that allows high repetitive accuracy and short response times throughout the lifecycle. 

Main application fields of our backlash-free safety clutches SYNTEX®-NC:

These overload clutches were specially designed for use in modern tool machines, control and positioning equipment, conveyor systems, textile machines, servo-drives, packaging machines and the special machine construction sector.


Our backlash-free safety clutches SYNTEX®-NC:

  • For torques up to 550 Nm
  • Backlash-free, torsionally stiff
  • Short reaction times
  • compact design
  • Lightweight design for low inertia
  • Declining spring characteristic
  • Synchronous and ratchet design
  • Large bore diameters
  • Can be delivered with frictionally-connected shaft nub connection or feather keyway according to DIN 6885
  • Optional shutdown with overload by querying the limit switch
  • Maintenance-free
  • Easy assembly and torque setting
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0 - 550 Nm

SYNTEX® NC flange type

Safety clutch in flange type

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2 - 550 Nm


Safety clutch with backlash-free servo-clutch

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0 - 550 Nm


Safety clutch with torsionally rigid metal bellows clutch

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