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Backlash-free overload systems SYNTEX by KTR Systems GmbH

SYNTEX® backlash-free safety coupling

Safety coupling for torques up to 400 Nm

The safety couplings SYNTEX are overload couplings with positive-locking operation for torques up to 400 Nm. A special puched disk spring serves for transmitting the torque. 

The design of the safety coupling ensures short reaction times and high repeatability. Torque setting when installed is possible. The design allows for easy integration of the coupling in the drive. Easy connection of customer parts, e. g. toothed belt pulleys or sprocket.

Applications of our safety coupling SYNTEX:

Conveyor systems, packaging machines, textile machines, special applications


Our backlash-free SYNTEX safety couplings:

  • Backlash-free, torsionally stiff
  • High repeatability
  • Synchronous and ratchet type
  • Easy integration of customer parts
  • Available with a frictionally engaged shaft-hub-connection or with feather keywas acc. to DIN 6885
  • Optional switching off with overload by limit switch mode
  • Easy assembly and torque setting
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6 - 400 Nm

SYNTEX® flange type

Safety coupling as a flange type

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6 - 400 Nm

SYNTEX® with sprocket

Safety coupling with sprocket acc. to DIN or ANSI

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6 - 400 Nm

SYNTEX® with toothed belt pulley

Safety coupling with toothed belt pulley

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6 - 400 Nm

SYNTEX® with backlash-free ROTEX® GS

Safety coupling with backlash-free servo coupling

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