Drive components for food processing machinery

Design engineers in the food industry require a broad range of standard products through to special solutions for individual mounting conditions such as bakery machines, meat processing machines, agitators and filling lines. We provide for an extensive product portfolio of drive components such as couplings, clamping sets and torque limiters (also referred to as overload systems or safety couplings) entirely complying with industry-specific demands like corrosion resistance, good cleaning capability and „hygienic design“. This ensures that the drive units meet the demands on cleanliness and hygiene of food processing machinery without doubt.

In part the series are provided with customized, food-grade coatings or manufactured from compliant materials (in particular stainless steel). Protection of the drive components against aggressive cleaning agents or acidic media as well as complying with the relevant industry-specific standards and specifications like FDA and ECOLAB are of major importance.  

Backlash-free couplings for food production

The backlash-free couplings of our range – vibration-damping ROTEX GS shaft couplings as well as torsionally stiff TOOLFLEX metal bellow-type couplings and RADEX-NC steel lamina couplings – are often used in food processing machines. They differ, among other things, in terms of ability to compensate for misalignment, torsional stiffness, flexibility and damping of vibrations.

Consequently the design engineer is in a position to choose the coupling that is most suitable for the respective application, including sophisticated processes such as cutting meat products or process engineering like agitating, mixing, cooling, heating often demanding for extra properties of the couplings.

Flexible couplings for food processing machinery

Flexible and damping properties are required in those applications where drives are subjected to vibrations and shocks. The ROTEX elastomer couplings are suitable for such applications. Depending on the design the flexible jaw couplings for food processing machines are available with clamping hub, taper ring of feather key connection.

Torque limiters for food processing machinery

To protect the drive train and subsequent machine components against overload, many manufacturers of food processing machines make use of our safety couplings. The said drive components limit the torque reliably uncoupling driving and driven side in the event of overload. In addition the couplings assume process-relevant functions. As an example, the torque of coupling set in filling lines of the beverage industry ensures safe sealing of every single bottle.

The design engineer can choose from a range of different systems and series: RUFLEX torque limiters, KTR-SI overload systems and SYNTEX backlash-free overload systems. As an alternative free from wear we provide MINEX magnetic couplings. In addition combinations of shaft and safety couplings form part of our catalogue programme. 

Applications of Food processing machinery

  • Filling lines
  • Bakery machines
  • Heating systems
  • Meat processing machines
  • Food pumps
  • Mixers
  • Agitators
  • Confectionery machines
  • Scoops


Clamping sets for food processing machinery

Drive components for indoor material handling

Perfect connection for indoor material handling. Learn more about our drive components and see for which applications our components are used.

Range of applications

  • Cranes
  • Material Handling vehicles
  • Conveyors

  • Packaging machines - common
  • Multifunction machines
  • Labeling machines

  • Handling devices
  • Industrial robots
  • Complete system technology
  • Linear controls


Our components ensure reliable and precise positioning, contributing to the ideal transport packaging.