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Rotor Lock

Reliable locking bolt / locking systems for wind turbines

The rotor lock (locking bolt) is a locking system (rotor lock) that is used to lock the rotors of wind turbines mechanically in case of inspections. Rotor locks in wind turbines are important safety components.

The hydraulically or electromechanically moved bolt with position monitoring serves as a locking mechanism for locking rotors. The locking function is monitored with sensors.

Hydraulic or electromechanical rotor lock (locking bolt) Rotor lock systems are available in hydraulic and electromechanical versions, and also with manual actuators in various sizes. Our range of locking bolts for wind turbines (rotor lock) also includes the hydraulic rotor lock (KTR-STOP RL) and the electromechanical rotor lock (EMB-STOP RL).

  • Rotor lock (locking bolt) for wind turbines
  • Locking function monitoring with sensors
  • Hydraulic and electromechanical rotor lock models
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Rotor lock by KTR (hydraulic or electro-mechanical):

Hydraulic brake systems KTR-STOP RL by KTR Systems GmbH

KTR-STOP RL hydraulic locking bolts

Rotor lock systems of the series KTR-STOP RL are the hydraulic version of our rotor locks for cross forces up to max. 4,

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Electromechanic brake systems EMB-STOP RL by KTR Systems GmbH

EMB-STOP RL electric locking bolt

Rotor lock systems of the series EMB-STOP RL are the electrical version of our locking bolt for cross forces up to max.

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