DATAFLEX and MONITEX BT torque sensors of KTR Systems

Our torque sensors measure torque and speed reliably covering a measuring range from 10 Nm to 500 kNm

MONITEX BT – Torque measurement made easy
The latest addition of our torque sensors measures torques directly in the coupling. Different from setups with conventional sensors the MONITEX BT can be integrated in a space-saving way. An inductive supply allows for the permanent use of the measuring coupling. The torque and speed data can be received via a free app and a Windows software by mobile devices. If set ranges are exceeded or fallen below, the user is automatically alerted. MONITEX BT has a display that switches on as soon as the drive starts. An edge device and a DAC (digital analog converter) for incorporating the signal in existing controls are being prepared.

DATAFLEX dual range torque sensor
Modern drive technology with its variable and dynamic drives cannot imagine to do without precise measuring of torque and speed. The torque sensor DATAFLEX sizes 16 to 110 has two measuring ranges measuring four parameters simultaneously: torque, speed, torsion angle and direction of rotation. The family of precision measuring shafts is available in eleven sizes from 10 Nm to 20 kNm.

High-power torque sensors
For large measuring ranges from 20 kNm to 500 kNm we manufacture customised torque measuring shafts on request. Here key parameters such as measuring range, size, length and connection type can be adapted to the specifications. The torque is measured contactlessly and is suitable for permanent measuring.

  • reliable measurement of torque and speed
  • measuring systems with measuring ranges from 10 Nm to 500 kNm
  • DMS (wire strain gauges) technology
  • maintenance-free
  • for rotating and stationary applications
  • overall solution with couplings
  • calibrations of up to 500 kNm
  • custom-made products
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Our range of torque sensors

Torque ranges up to 20,000 Nm


Rotating shaft for measuring the most important drive data simultaneously: torque, speed, rotation angle and direction

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complete unit including coupling hub


MONITEX BT - Torque measuring coupling hub

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