New cooling performance test bench at headquarters

KTR commenced operation of a new cooling performance test bench in Rheine, Germany. The test bench is a combination of a wind tunnel and power packs conveying and tempering the media to be cooled. The tested cooling systems are primarily used in stationary and mobile machines.

The test bench was developed for the individual requirements of performance tests of combi coolers and enables the exact adaptation of the cooling system to the respective requirement profile. In addition, it provides our engineers with important starting points for the advanced development of cooling technology as well as for the targeted increase in performance of existing types of power packs. This capacity is particularly sought after since the increasing demands on exhaust quality require additional components for exhaust gas treatment.

Increase the efficiency of cooling systems

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Ralf Haermeyer, project engineer of MMC combined coolers and in charge of planning and specification of the test bench: „The highly accurate measurement results the test bench provides allow us to better understand the overall system of »combined coolers« along with its components. This applies, as an example, with regard to the comparison of heat exchangers with different combinations of lamellas, but also focused detail enhancement of other fluidic components. Ralf Haermeyer: „Consequently we are in a position to increase the efficiency of the coolers, for example by reducing pressure losses and improving the aerodynamics of the cooling airflow. We will make intensive use of these new options – both with customer projects and within the framework of research projects.“

With the new cooler test bench KTR affirms its expansion strategy in the field of high-quality cooling systems. In 2019 the company commenced operation of a new cooler plant in Jiaxing/China. The product portfolio includes multimedium coolers, oil/air coolersfor mobile machinery or stationary hydraulics, either as a custom-made product or standard solution, as a marine or ATEX version.

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