"I want to create a great atmosphere in the team and achieve something together."

In order to meet the challenge of the shortage of specialists, qualified trainers are indispensable for companies, because they not only find and support suitable applicants, but also pass on their knowledge and take on important socio-educational activities and tasks. This secures qualified junior staff for the company and creates competitive advantages. We asked our trainer for IT specialists, Olaf Korbanek, about his everyday life and challenges.

KTR Systems: What is especially important to you as a trainer?

Olaf Korbanek: "Already when selecting a trainee it is of elementary importance to me that the person fits into our team and is really interested in the job, everything else comes by itself."

KTR Systems: What have you been able to learn from your apprentices so far?

Olaf Korbanek: "Basically, you learn from everybody. Younger people often give you the opportunity to question your own attitudes and change your perspective on things. Everybody who joins the company for the first time brings the outside view of KTR with him. Here it is worth listening."

Olaf Korbanek has been head of IT at our company since 2014 and has been looking after our trainees in this field for years.

KTR Systems: In your opinion, what encourages the apprentices most?

Olaf Korbanek: "Apprentices have to get into reality as quickly as possible, i.e. take on real tasks, feel real responsibility. This is fun, challenging and encouraging. As a trainer, you have to be able to let go at a very early stage".

KTR Systems: Do you develop strategies and solutions together?

Olaf Korbanek: "Every person is different, therefore individual strategies are naturally considered. Our trainee, for example, is very independent, but sometimes has to be stopped in her striving for perfection, 80:20 is completely sufficient. So, depending on character and area of responsibility, we have to approach things differently so that everyone can be optimally supported."

KTR Systems: What do you enjoy most as a trainer?

Olaf Korbanek: "I like to work with people and find it super exciting to see how insecure trainees ideally develop into team enriching people".

KTR Systems: What is your motto?

Olaf Korbanek: "My motto is: Work must be fun and goals must be achieved, then you develop as a team and as an individual".

KTR Systems: What is your management style?

Olaf Korbanek: "My management style corresponds to my philosophy as a human being: People follow you not because you are brilliant in your field but because they like you. I want to create a great atmosphere in the team and achieve something together".


Many thanks for the interview Olaf!