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Product picture ROTEX GS ZRS backlash-free intermediate shaft coupling


0- 365 [Nm] / backlash-free intermediate shaft coupling combinable with all ROTEX GS hubs

ROTEX GS ZRS is a backlash-free intermediate shaft coupling specifically developed for bridging customised shaft distances.

High-strength intermediate pipe made of aluminium for maximum stiffness
The core of the ROTEX GS ZRS is its intermediate pipe made of high-strength aluminium providing for high torsional and bending stiffness. This  intermediate pipe consists of a spline connecting an internal pipe with an external pipe via webs, i. e. the ROTEX GS cams.

Outstanding performance with minimum deflection
Thanks to its design with low deflection, the ROTEX GS ZRS bridges shaft distances of up to 4,000 mm. Compared to conventional intermediate pipe couplings made of aluminium or steel pipe, the speed in relation to the shaft distance dimension can be significantly higher. 


  • for bridging customised shaft distances

  • intermediate pipe radially dismountable with flexible bearing in the GS spider

  • good capability to compensate for displacements and damping characteristics by use of two spiders in a series (double-cardanic)

  • one-piece spacer made of extruded aluminium profile

  • finishing by customer possible

Flexible design for individual specifications

The length of the intermediate pipe can be adapted to the customer's requests, with the internal cam geometry being maintained over the full length. This allows the ROTEX GS ZRS to be optimally adapted to the specific requirements of your application. Final machining by the customer is also possible.

ROTEX GS ZRS provides various spider hardnesses ranging from soft 92 Sh-A spiders to torsionally stiff 57 Sh-D spiders. In case if there is an increased demand for torsional stiffness, the 64 Sh-D GS spider can be used.

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