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KTR Systems - Tacke Communication Center

KTR Headquarter - Besucherzentrum TCC (TACKE Communication Center)


T: +49 (0) 59 71 79 80 E:

What sets us apart

Where KTR came from

Time for a short journey back in time? It all began back in the 1950s. BoWex®, the first curved tooth coupling to combine steel and plastic, was developed at KTR’s headquarters in Rheine. This was shortly followed by ROTEX®, the first brand coupling to become a DIN standard. These successes fuel the imagination. And you can build on them – which is exactly what KTR does. Test

Where is KTR going next

This brings us back to the present day. In addition to numerous standard products, every year KTR makes over 20,000 new developments and product versions on behalf of clients. To maintain this high standard, KTR always keeps things moving: the new R & D Center in Rheine and the new Competence Center for Brake Systems in Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock have done much to set the course for KTR’s future.

This course also happens to run around the whole world. A total of 24 subsidiaries and over 90 other sales partners worldwide now ensure that things always run smoothly for KTR customers.

There are three items: Global proximity to customers, growing internationalisation and our product portfolio.

Facts and figures

At a glance: KTR is at home in industrial markets on all continents with more than 480 employees at its headquarters in Rheine, more than 1,100 employees worldwide, 24 subsidiaries and over 90 sales partners.

KTR has been certified to ISO 9001:2015 since 1993 and to ISO 14001:2015 since June 2008.