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KTR components for the industry sector automation

René Edelbusch

Industry Manager Automation

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As versatile as industrial automation is: From the point of view drive technology there are specifications and application parameters that apply for (almost) all applications.

Since you only automate where repetitive tasks need to be completed and since cycle times are often too short, the drives quickly reach very high cycle criteria. That is why the components in the drive train need to be durable and low-wear. Depending on the application high demands are made on positioning accuracy. This requires, for instance, the use of highly precise, backlash-free couplings, particularly as linear motions are often performed with short cycles.

Drive components for automation

Backlash-free couplings for servo motors

To allow for precise positioning under these circumstances, i. e. with high dynam-ics, the use of servo motors is state of the art in automation. Backlash-free and torsionally stiff couplings take on the connection to the drive train.

For these application parameters we developed various coupling types ensuring torque transmission accurate to angle also in very dynamic drive axles subject to their high torsional stiffness: the steel laminae coupling RADEX-NC, the metal bellow-type coupling TOOLFLEX and the shaft encoder coupling COUNTEX. Depending on the application, the torsionally flexible and backlash-free jaw cou-plings ROTEX GS are also suitable.

Torque limiters for automation technology

Quick response when reaching the overload and, if requested, a quick connection of driving and driven side when reverting to the regular torque range: These are essential demands on safety couplings in servo drives. Exactly for these require-ments we developed, among other things, the backlash-free and torsionally stiff SYNTEX overload system.

The right solution for every application in automation industry

The width of the KTR portfolio allows for the selection of the optimum coupling resp. optimum overload system – notwithstanding if a torsionally stiff or vibration-damping solution is requested. Also for very high demands on precision and narrow installation spaces or particular ambient conditions (high temperatures, hygiene-critical areas…), suitable series are available.

Product- and industry-specific requirements

Even if there are basic properties profiles for drive components in automation technology, the range both of products and systems is so varied that there are nu-merous specific requirements – for applications in intra logistics, robotics and in packaging of food. For these ranges in automation KTR also provides specific series of couplings and overload systems.