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MINEX®H hysteresis couplings

The  MINEX-H hysteresis coupling transmits the torque from the driving to the driven element without contact via magnetic forces (wear-free torque transmission).

Operation of the hysteresis coupling:

Having reached the maximum torque, the  MINEX-H hysteresis coupling switches to slipping operation, thus ensuring wear-free torque limitation.

As long as the operating torque is lower than the selected torque (slipping torque), the speed is transmitted synchronously. As soon as the operating torque exceeds the selected torque, the coupling slips  and there is a relative speed between driving and driven side.  At this moment the polarity of the hysteresis material is continuously reversed and it heats up. The holding torque with overload remains almost constant, but might lightly rise with an increasing relative speed and the resulting losses of eddy current.

Typical applications of the hysteresis coupling:

  • filling systems
  • materials handling
  • winder drives
  • capping machines
  • medical technology