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backlash-free servo couplings / shaft couplings

Our servo couplings are backlash-free, maintenance-free shaft couplings serving as a connection element between highly dynamic servo motors and any kind of positioning/handling units. They transmit the torque free from backlash and conformally.

They also allow for simultaneous compensation of radial, axial and angular displacements. Thanks to the high variety of coupling types and hub designs we are able to supply the right coupling for almost every application.

Our range of backlash-free servo couplings (backlash-free shaft couplings) includes jaw couplings (ROTEX GS), metal bellow-type couplings (TOOLFLEX), servo laminae couplings (RADEX-NC) and shaft encoder couplings (COUNTEX).

Applications of servo couplings (backlash-free shaft couplings):

Main applications are machine tools, control and positioning drives, automation technology, packaging technology, medical technology as well as measuring and control technology.