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Product image ROTEX GS ZR3 backlash-free intermediate shaft couplings bonded aluminium pipe


12.5 - 655 Nm / backlash-free servo coupling

Cardan shaft with intermediate pipe made of aluminium variable in length

The double-cardanic ROTEX GS ZR3 is an intermediate shaft coupling (cardan shaft) with an intermediate pipe variable in length made of aluminium.

It is provided with half shell clamping hubs on both sides and can thus be radially mounted without displacing driving and driven components.

The intermediate shaft of our cardan shaft is variable in length and allows for transmitting the torque over a large axial distance. Our range of half shell intermediate shaft couplings includes both frictionally engaged connections without feather keyway and positive-locking connections with feather keyway.

Our intermediate pipe coupling is used wherever large shaft distances have to be bridged and where radial assembly/disassembly is necessary without displacing driving and driven side (easy assembly through our half shells).

The limits of application are defined by the operating speed and mounting length.


  • intermediate shaft coupling / cardan shaft with aluminium pipe bonded

  • easy radial assembly of coupling by split coupling halves (half shells)

  • replacing the spider without displacing driving and driven side

  • lengths depend on speed and size, up to 4 metres can be realized without intermediate bearing

  • low mass moment of inertia by use of aluminium

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