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Product image ROTEXS GS expansion hub backlash-free jaw coupling clamping system hollow shaft connections

ROTEX® GS expansion hub

1.8 - 200 Nm / hollow shaft coupling

Backlash-free servo coupling (hollow shaft coupling) for hollow shafts

ROTEX GS expansion hubs (hollow shaft coupling) are used when torques have to be transmitted through a hollow shaft, e. g. applications with short shaft distances or narrow mounting conditions.

With this hollow shaft coupling the easy, safe and frictionally engaged shaft-hub-connection is generated via a centric screw. The hubs are made of aluminium and the expansion mandrel is made of steel.


  • hollow shaft coupling with an integrated clamping system for hollow shaft connections

  • compact: small shaft distance dimension

  • quick assembly

  • self-centering clamping connection

  • can be combined with various hub types

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