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Product image ROTEX GS DKM backlash-free jaw coupling double-cardanic jaw coupling


0.9 - 825 Nm / backlash-free servo coupling

Backlash-free servo coupling for high radial displacement

ROTEX GS DKM is a double-cardanic servo coupling (elastomer coupling) compensating for large displacements.

The hubs and the spacer (centre hub) are made of aluminium, while the spacer can be combined with all hub types within the same size.

The range of double-cardanic servo couplings includes both frictionally engaged connections without feather keyway and positive-locking connections with feather keyway.


  • double-cardanic servo coupling / elastomer coupling

  • with or without feather keyway

  • hub types can be combined within the same size

  • hubs and spacer made of aluminium

  • backlash-free

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