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63 to 2,000 litres

Steel tank BNK

The steel tanks type BNK are manufactured acc. to DIN24339:2016-04

All tanks are made of quality steel. The seal seams are welded twice and inspected for 100 per cent tightness.

The tanks are blasted with a surface preparation according to SA 2.5. We use a high-quality 2K epoxy resin primer that has a high resistance to oil.

On request we provide the tanks with final painting. We are pleased to perform remachining like additional sleeves, flanges or drilling holes. 
Our tanks are easily accessible inside due to the cleaning covers. The tanks are available without tank cover, too. In addition we manufacture the tanks from stainless steel.

  • With bores optionally for filler necks and oil level indicators
  • With pre-assembled cleaning cover
  • Machining of tank according to customer specifications possible
  • Including oil drain plug and tank cover seal
  • Hydraulic components inspected for 100 % tightness
  • Mineral oil-resistant internal coating
  • Manufacture of tanks from stainless steel possible, too.
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KTR provides the right tank for your demands

Besides a wide standard range of steel tanks, aluminium tanks and oil sump pans we are pleased to manufacture steel and stainless steel tanks according to your specifications with a maximum tank volume of up to 130,000 litres.

Our range of tanks is supplemented by accessories such as oil sump pans, level and temperature switches, cleaning covers, etc.

Our range includes tanks made of steel (steel tanks BNK, steel tanks BEK and steel tanks BSK), tanks made of aluminum (aluminium tanks BAK).

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