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Clamping forces up to 55 kN per pad

EMB-STOP S-A-xx-F active electrical disk brake

Electrical active holding brake for low and average performance ranges

The active floating caliper brake EMB-STOP S-A-xx-F is an electrical brake system for the low and average performance range.

EMB-STOP S-A-xx-F is a solid disk brake mainly used as a holding brake and parking brake. The active electrically applied shaft brake is in a position to keep the plant without energy on numerous applications.  Typical applications are high-speed generator shafts of smaller to medium-size wind turbines, low performance propeller shafts and plants that need to be locked at standstill.

Self-locking brake:
The active floating caliper brake EMB-STOP S-A-xx-F is self-locking which means that the brake remains in the current condition, i. e. either released or applied even if the supply voltage fails.

Properties of the active electrical floating caliper brake EMB-STOP S-A-xx-F:
- electrical
- actively applied
- self-locking disk brake
- floating caliper brake
- clamping force up to 55 kN

  • Clamping forces up to 55 kN per pad
  • Mechanical manual activation possible
  • Suitable for rough ambient conditions
  • Variable adjustment of clamping force by the manufacturer
  • Common mechanical interfaces available
  • Large pad surface for low surface pressure and low wear
  • Easy replacement of pads
  • Supply voltage and frequency selectable with the order
  • Floating caliper brake with manual centering to the center of disk
  • Integrated switches/sensors: "braked", "released", "wear"
  • „Plug 'n Play“ , low maintenance or maintenance-free (depending on the application)
  • Compact design compared to Lever
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The active brakes and brake systems EMB-STOP are electrically applied floating caliper brakes convincing by their high degree of reliability and flexibility. They are the flexible and clean solution for a severely long operating period with low operating expenses and maximum safety of the plant

The EMB-STOP active disk brakes are solid industrial brakes mainly used as a holding brake, parking brake and maintenance brake.
The electrical shaft brake is in a position to keep the plant without energy on numerous applications.

The following is the benefit towards other actively applied brakes: When the brake is applied, it will remain applied without any further energy demand. The brake cannot be applied inadvertently during operation.

Applications of our active electrical floating caliper brake EMB-STOP: Depending on size the EMB-STOP brakes are used as a parking brake, holding brake or maintenance brake.

Brakes and couplings by KTR:

The customer benefits from being supplied from one single source. There is the option to combine our brakes with our couplings. The floating caliper brake EMB-STOP XS-A-xx-F can be combined with the following couplings:

- ROTEX SBAN (jaw coupling with brake disk)
- POLY-NORM ADR-SBA (shaft coupling with brake disk)
- REVOLEX KX-D SB (pin & bush coupling with brake disk)
- RADEX-N (steel laminae coupling)

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