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Torsionally rigid flange couplings BoWex FLE-PA by KTR Systems GmbH

BoWex® torsionally stiff flange coupling <nobr>FLE-PA / FLE-PAC</nobr>

BoWex FLE-PA and BoWex FLE-PAC are torsionally stiff curved-tooth flange couplings. The material combination of polyamide/steel enables maintenance-free permanent operation with severely beneficial friction coefficients of the teeth.

Subject to their short design these flange couplings are particularly suitable for mounting to I. C.-engines. Our flywheel couplings are also available as a poka-yoke version on request.

For a long service life of the coupling and the drive train the flange coupling is aligned through the centering of the engine flywheel. In addition the driven side should be connected to the engine housing by a pump mounting flange. With small mass moments of inertia on the load side we recommend simplified selection, with large mass moments of inertia we recommend a torsional vibration analysis.


Our BoWex® torsionally stiff flange coupling:


  • Torsionally stiff / torsionally rigid flange coupling
  • For I. C.-engines
  • Engine power up to 800 kW
  • Axial plug-in, easy assembly
  • Compact dimensions Max. torque 6,600 Nm
  • Max. circumferential speed vmax=67 m/s
  • Max. bore diameter 125 mm
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0 - 5,300 Nm


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0 - 6,600 Nm


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