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Drive Technology

Mechanical components are and will remain essential in drive technology. The industry's demands on components grow continously: energy efficiency, power density, ease of servicing and electronification. Our portfolio includes couplings and torque limiters, clamping sets and precision joints as well as torque measuring shafts.

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Our Drive Technology

Couplings by KTR Systems GmbH


KTR Systems manufactures high-quality couplings and drive technology for mechanical engineering, plant construction and various industrial...

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Torque limiters by KTR Systems GmbH

Torque limiters

Torque limiters (overload couplings) help to avoid longer downtimes, expensive repairs and resulting costs.

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Clamping sets by KTR Systems GmbH

Clamping sets

CLAMPEX® clamping sets allow for a backlash-free and frictionally engaged connection between cylindrical shafts without keyway and hubs. Our...

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Precision Joints by KTR Systems

Precision joints / Cardan shafts

Precision single joints, precision double joints and extentable joints acc. to DIN 808 compensating for large angular displacements.

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Torque measuring shaft - Drive Technology - KTR Systems GmbH

Torque measuring shaft

The torque measuring shaft DATAFLEX® is a torque measuring device. Our measuring system DATAFLEX® calculates four parameters simultaneously:...

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