complete unit including coupling hub

MONITEX BT - torque sensors

The MONITEX BT torque sensor is a torque measuring coupling hub for measuring torque and speed.

MONITEX BT is a ROTEX coupling hub with an integrated measuring system for measuring torque and speed. Due to its compact design the system is able to replace a standard ROTEX hub in many cases while it is easy to assemble.

The inductive energy supply is achieved by an inductive head installed radially to the coupling in a distance of 10 mm at the maximum. Once the system is switchen on, the measured data of torque and speed are sent by MONITEX BT via Bluetooth and can be received via the free MONITEX-BT app by a smartphone, a tablet or a computer.


You can find more detailed information about the MONITEX BT on our new product page:

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  • Easy installation
  • Complete unit including coupling hub
  • For ROTEX GS28 and ROTEX GS42 coupling sizes
  • Free app for IOS and Android
  • Free software for Windows
  • Integrated display
  • DMS technology
  • Maintenance-free, high accuracy
  • Non-contact power supply
  • For rotating and stationary applications
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