Materials handling and storage technology

Drive components for intra-logistics

Particularly for the manufacturers of materials handling, picking technology and lifting equipment, as an example, and generally of components and plants in intra-logistics we developed an extensive product portfolio of couplings and clamping sets. The programme ranges from explosion protection couplings (ATEX 2014/34/EU) for heavy-weight conveyor systems in extraction industry to precision couplings for assembly and handling plants in seminconductor industry.

Backlash-free couplings for general cargo conveyor systems

In the age of e-commerce and just-in-time logistics numerous companies and logistics providers invest in automation of in-house transport. Accuracy and repeatability are key factors in the selection of drive technology. From the operator’s view short cycle times, minimum service effort, low energy consumption and high availability are essential.

Our drive components contribute to meeting such requirements. As an example, ROTEX GS backlash-free couplings ensure synchronous operation of handling units. Flexible couplings like ROTEX and REVOLEX compensate for shaft misalignment and provide for smooth starting of drives and consequently gentle motions of the conveyor systems. At the same time they reduce wear in the overall drive train. Torque limiters, also referred to as overload systems or safety couplings, uncouple driving and driven side in the event of overload preventing breakdowns of plants and situations being hazardous for the service staff.

Drive components for vehicles and hoists

Industrial trucks, cranes, stacker cranes, shuttle systems, automated transport vehicles: Numerous mobile systems are used in logistics centres, warehouses and generally in intra-logistics. Our couplings contribute to performing accurate and safe travel and lifting motions. This applies to quite different drives: ranging from diesel engine forklift trucks through high-performance cranes and flexible manipulators to FTS systems.

Couplings for heavy-weight conveyor systems

In mining and extraction industry, for example in quarries, conveyor systems are subjected to high loads: Long distances, heavy loads, dust, dirt and moisture as well as serious mechanical loads set high demands on every single component in the drive system.

Among other things, sturdy steel lamina couplings such as RADEX-N as well as gear couplings series BoWex and GEARex for heavy duty applications are used. Some coupling series are available with a variable intermediate pipe; they allow for large shaft displacements with low restoring forces.

Brake systems for belt conveyors

Whenever belt conveyors convey heavy loads, a convincing security system is required. Torque limiters and brake systems provided by our company are part of this system. The brakes can be used as service, safety and/or holding brakes. The electromechanical EMB-STOP and hydraulical KTR-STOP brakes are used, for instance, in cranes, conveyor belt systems and manipulators. The plant is stopped by active braking, a passive brake serves as a security system in the event of power failure or pressure loss. Particularly in the field of belt conveyors we also supply respective control systems for the brakes – our electronic control system called IntelliRamp allows for program-controlled accurate brake processes.

Applications of conveyance and storage

  • Lifts
  • Industrial trucks
  • Conveyor systems
  • Forklift trucks
  • Handling units
  • Lifting equipment
  • Picking systems
  • Cranes
  • Palletizers
  • Stacker cranes
  • Sorting machines
  • Shuttle systems


Drive components for indoor material handling

Perfect connection for indoor material handling. Learn more about our drive components and see for which applications our components are used.

Range of applications

  • Packaging machines - common
  • Multifunction machines
  • Labeling machines

  • Meat machines
  • Backery machines
  • Confectionary machines
  • Fruit and vegetable machines
  • Food & Beverage

  • Handling devices
  • Industrial robots
  • Complete system technology
  • Linear controls


Our components ensure reliable and precise positioning, contributing to the ideal transport packaging.