Drive components for automation

To allow for accurate positioning with high dynamics, using servo motors in automation is indispensable. Backlash-free as well as torsionally stiff connecting elements are required to connect the servo motors to the drive train. For such applications we developped a metal bellow-type coupling ensuring constant angular transmission of the highly dynamic torques subject to its high torsional stiffness.

Another application range in automation is protection of the drive train in the event of overload. Backlash-free torque limiters, also referred to as overload systems or safety couplings, in this case separate driving and driven side while protecting sensitive components.

Backlash-free couplings for automation

Short cycle times are essential to optimise economic processes. This implies that the drives operate with higher dynamics with growing demands on precision.

To meet with such industry-specific demands in industrial automation, we developped the backlash-free servo couplings series ROTEX GS (torsionally flexible jaw coupling), RADEX-NC (torsionally stiff steel lamina coupling), TOOLFLEX (torsionally stiff metal-bellow type coupling) and COUNTEX (torsionally stiff shaft encoder coupling).

The programme spectrum allows for selecting the optimum coupling respectively overload system, irrespective whether a torsionally stiff or vibration-damping solution is requested. Proper series are furthermore available for very high demands on accuracy and extremely narrow mounting spaces or special ambient conditions, for instance high temperatures,

Torque limiters for automation

Quick response when reaching overload and, if requested, connecting the driving and driven side with reversion to regular torque range just as fast: These are essential demands on safety systems in servo drives. Specifically for such demands we developped, among other things, the backlash-free and torsionally stiff SYNTEX overload system.

Applications of automation

  • Positioning systems
  • Handling devices and handling axes
  • Linear drives and linear guides
  • Synchronous drives


Backlash-free couplings for automation technology

backlash-free overload system for automation

Drive components for indoor material handling

Perfect connection for indoor material handling. Learn more about our drive components and see for which applications our components are used.

Range of applications

  • Cranes
  • Material Handling vehicles
  • Conveyors

  • Packaging machines - common
  • Multifunction machines
  • Labeling machines

  • Handling devices
  • Industrial robots
  • Complete system technology
  • Linear controls

Our components ensure reliable and precise positioning, contributing to the ideal transport packaging.