Couplings, Cooler and brake systems for construction machines

Every new generation of construction machines has to comply with increasingly stringent emission standards. In that regard the manufacturers make use of measures inside the engine or additional gas treatment. In every case there is high pressure for innovations in the industry as is the case with pressure on the designing departments, since every adaptation to new standards requires re-selection of the overall drive train.

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Electric and hybrid drives in the higher performance range?

In addition, there is the claim for more and more compact designs resulting in a higher performance density and testing of alternative drive designs such as electric or hybrid machines. From the commercial point of view the manufacturers are reducing the number of suppliers who they purchase bigger and bigger performance packages from.  

Being a development partner and supplier, we support our customers with adapting the drives to new specifications. Optimizing existing drives and coupling systems via torsional vibration calculations plays a big role here. The results can be verified in the KTR test field afterwards.

Fields of application

Our products are primarily used in:

  • Compactors
  • Diesel generators
  • Dewatering pumps
  • Hydraulic excavators
  • Forklift trucks
  • Mobile compressors
  • Paver finishers
  • Road cutters
  • Telescopic handlers
  • Wheel loaders


Couplings for construction machinery

Our couplings meet all demands on efficiency and power density even under demanding operating conditions. The portfolio includes torsionally stiff and highly flexible flange couplings, flexible jaw couplings and torsionally stiff gear couplings.

Coolers for construction machinery

Depending on the specifications of application, the tailor-made combined coolers type MMC combine various media such as oil, water, fuel and air in one single cooling system.

Brakes for construction machinery

Our hydraulic brake systems are based on the classic disk brake, available as an active or a passive design.

0 - 5,600 Nm


Individual elastomer version for a wide range of applications.

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0 - 35,000 Nm

ROTEX® Standard

The original - renowned industrial standard

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0 - 5,300 Nm


Two-part, torsionally rigid flange coupling

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up to 106 kN


Stop brake for rotary drives

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0 - 400 Nm

MONOLASTIC® type with 3 holes

One-piece flange coupling with bore pattern with 3 holes

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Product finder
Mounting flanges SAE-1 to SAE-6

Pump mounting flange

For mounting hydraulic pumps to the diesel engine

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Customized solution

MMC hydraulic cooler

For hydraulic oil, gear oil, lubricating oil, engine oil and water glycol

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0 - 70,000 Nm


Short highly flexible flange coupling made of steel

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up to 203 kN


Yaw brake for smaller to medium-sized performance range

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0 - 1,850 Nm


One-piece flange coupling with SAE connection

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0 - 12,500 Nm

ROTEX® for taper clamping sleeve

Can be combined with taper clamping sleeves

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0 - 380 Nm

BoWex® M

Gear coupling made of nylon/steel, three-part, maintenance-free

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0 - 22,000 Nm


Disk coupling with gear coupling

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Customized solution

MMC engine system coolers

Heat exchangers for mobile machinery

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Customized solutions

MMC compressor cooler

Compressor cooler (Mobile Machinery Cooler)

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0 - 4,500 Nm

ROTEX® clamping ring hubs

For frictionally engaged shaft-hub-connections

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0 - 3,600 Nm


Double-cardanic coupling for larger radial displacements

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0 - 35,000 Nm


Flange type for heavy engineering

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0 - 35,000 Nm


Double flange type for heavy engineering

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0 - 35,000 Nm


Flange connection on both sides for heavy engineering

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0 - 35,000 Nm


Flange connection on both sides, screwing of driving and driven side

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0 - 1,920 Nm


For bridging large shaft distances

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0.25 - 4,200 kW

Fluid coupling / Hydrodynamic coupling

smooth start-up of the machine - e. g. for conveyor belts

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Atlas Weyhausen

KTR was charged with selecting the cooling system. A triple-circuit combined cooler type MMC is used for cooling charge air, cooling water and hydraulics.


If the engine is used as a primary unit of a hydrostatic drive, a KTR flange coupling on the flywheel side is supplied by the manufacturer or recommended to be mounted, respectively.

Examples of use